Step Counter
count your steps.



Step Counter is an application that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person. It can measure the distance the wearer has walked. The duration of the activity and the calories burned are also recognized by this application.
Step Counter stores the measured values in a journal. With this journal the user can monitor his activities day by day.
The Step Counter can be a motivation tool for people how want to increase their physical activity. For an active lifestyle a total of 10000 steps per day (equivalent to 5 miles or 8 kilometer) are recommended. Step Counter can help reduce blood pressure level and body mass index.
The best accuracy can be achieved by placing the device in a vertical position on a belt clip or holster. The accuracy of the measured distance depends on the step size of the user. The step size and other parameters can be configured in the preferences.
Due to restrictions of the acceleration service of webOS the Step Counter will not work in card view (application minimized in background).

[main screen]

Shows all Meter and the last reading for the meter.