Astro Lunar Planner
organize your Life by the phases of the moon.



This moon or lunar calendar can help you to organize your Life by the phases of the moon. Some activities like water flowers, cutting hairs or cleaning windows can achieve better results when the moon is favorable for the specific activity. The rules for the favorable or unfavorable activities are based on the moon phase and the corresponding zodiac sign.
You can add your own custom activities to the set of activities.
The recommendations of this moon calendar can be seen as assistance and should be used where there are meaningful. Do not follow the moon calendar strictly, use it wise and in a common sense. The transitions between the different moon rules are smooth. It’s ok to clean your window one day after the recommended day.
Please feel free to give me feedback if you are missing a features, activities or if you have other comments about this application.


Shows all information of the current day. The activities are grouped by favorable and unfavorable.


The date is shown at the left side of the list. Sundays are marked red. Activities are splitted into favorable (white) and unfavorable (gray). The current zodiac and moon phase is shown at the right of the list.


Shows a list of all activities sorted by name. The timespan below the activity indicates the day when this activity will be favorable.
Tap on a activity to edit the name, desctiption and the favorable / unfavorable mapping.
Tap (+) to add new activities.


Edit the name, desctiption...


...the favorable mapping.


...the unfavorable mapping.


Choose the location service.
GPS is exact but needs more battery.
by country/region is not so exact but needs no battery.