check your consum!



Consumeter is an App designed to track electricity, water and gas consumption.Create multiple meters for electricity, water, gas and heat. Perform readings for the meters. View the history of consumtion in different reports. Backup the the data to skydrive. At the first launch Consumeter creates demo data to explore the functionality. The demo data can be deleted before defining own meters. The trial version does not feature the deletion or creation of new meters and readings.

[main screen]

Shows all meter and the last reading for the meter.

Tab and Hold to remove or edit the a meter.


Get an overview of all meter sort by locations.
Tab and Hold to remove or edit the a location.


Add new meter.

Sort meter and locations.

Backup all data to skydrive.

Support contact.


Add new readings.

The readings store the date the reading and the price per unit.


Shows day and moth reports of the meter.


Shows graphs of the meter.
Select the scaling from 3 up to 24 month.

Show the costs of a period of time.


Edit the meter and location.